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No, no no!

Oh, my. No. Just no.

Why’d she have to remove one shoe to take a dump? Why does it look like she’s trying to figure out what that smell is? What happened to her nose? Who taks a shit with a feather boa? Why’d she think we wanted to see this? What kind of record executive would approve a cover like this? What did the rejected covers look like? Who told her she was hot enough to use a toilet shot for anything, much less an album cover? And who the fuck keeps flowers by the toilet?

I checked Allmusic and found a short entry for this album.   When viewed beside the cover, all the song titles take on a humorous slant (like Getting To Know Me – yikes!), but none more so than Muffle That Fart or Love Stinks.  Apparently, Millie Jackson had a long career, but it looks like this album was the beginning of the end.  Hard to imagine why.

I’d love to know the sales stats for these albums.

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