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"He raped me… With sexual assault."

Wow.  Way to make one of the most serious, depressing topics in the world laughable, guys.  I didn’t read the whole comic (but it’s all posted), but from skimming it, I gather that anybody can become Captain Awareness, as if it’s some sort of mental STD or something.  And rapists can become twelve-foot-tall gray beasts that can take a car to the face without flinching, but subsequently get their asses kicked by a few strategically placed punches.  Maybe they got that part backward, seems like the car being thrown at the rape-monster’s head should have been the coup de grace.  By far the funniest part is the dialog on the cover.  “He raped me.  With sexual assault.”  Talk about adding insult to injury.  How did she know the rape was over and the sexual assault had begun, or was it somehow concurrent with the rape.  Baffling.  By the way, maybe teaching young women that rapists are indestructible monsters that somebody else must save them from really isn’t the greatest message.  And if it isn’t obvious by now, I’m not making fun of rape victims or making light of the horrors they’ve been through.  I’m making fun of a very silly, misguided COMIC BOOK that happens to deal with a very serious issue.  Once again, I’m not making fun of rape.

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