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Shameless, just shameless.

If anybody is interested in checking out my album, Traffic Holiday A-Go-Go, I have posted a torrent of it at the Pirate Bay.   Yes, that’s right, I’m using The Pirate Bay, dread enemies of artists everywhere.  The simple fact is, the major labels have made it so fucking hard for people to get music the way they actually want it (i.e. on their computron), that piracy has become the accepted norm.  If BitTorrent will give more people access to my music, great!  Stuff the labels!  This is 2007, who’s needs those leaches?  Not that they would lower themselves to ever release an album this fucking weird.  (And yes, the spam subject headers that I sing are completely real, albeit out-dated.  They’re even in order.)  If you have a suggestion of another BitTorrent site/tracker where I should post this, just leave a comment.  Traffic Holiday A-Go-Go is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.  If you do enjoy it, please consider purchasing it on CD Baby, iTunes, eMusic, or search for it at your online retailer.  I’m also on the Myspace thing.  I have another unreleased work-in-progress, Bought Myself a Nice Day, posted there.  Friend me!  I’m starved for attention!

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