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Hey, Ben Stein. Fuck you, buddy.

Ben Stein has decided that science makes people kill each other.  (You can watch the video here.  It’s April 21, 2008.)  In his quest to become the Biggest Douchebag in the Universe, Mr. Stein has opted for that most blood-chilling of douchebag strategies:  linking the thing he dislikes to Nazi Germany.  Let’s leave aside the fact that all the scientists featured in his new film have also denounced his production company’s tactics in obtaining their interview footage.  And that all the reviews say it’s a horribly produced piece of propaganda rife with factual errors.  Any time a Jew gets denounced by the ADL, you have to question how rational his arguments could possible be.

Let’s go over a few points here.  Hitler was a Catholic.  Most of the Nazis were Catholics or Lutherans.  The Holocaust was not the first anti-Jewish pogrom, not even in Europe.  The Germans have been historically noted for their efficiency.  The simple fact is that they used their effieiency and attention to detail in the most monstrous, evil way they could have possibly employed such attributes.  Additionally, Hitler never attributed any of his concepts to Darwin or any other scientist, he did link them to his religious ideals however.  The only people who have ever linked Darwin to their mistreatment of human beings are economists and capitalists.  I’m sure Mr. Stein wouldn’t want to be linked to such disreputal groups.

So if Mr. Stein hates science so much, does this mean that he will be forgoeing the products of science, such as airplane travel, television, computers, modern medicine, tap water, recorded music, and air conditioning?  I’d certainly like to see him forsake motion pictures.

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