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Take THAT, Windows Vista!

I like how it seems like he’s not the one who’s going to flip out, just for a few seconds, then off he goes! And then he has a couple moments where you can almost hear him deliberating in his head.  “Um, okay, I hit fat Roy from Accounts Receivable, and threw a monitor at Sandra-who-always-smells-like-fingernail-polish-remover-and-Juicy-Fruit-gum, and I didn’t chip in for Toni’s cake after she had back surgery and…  Maybe they’ll just make me go to an anger management class or something.  Where’s that TPS Report…  Ah, fuck it!”  I guess somebody didn’t want to go for $2 margaritas at Friday’s after work this week.

It seems kind of pathetic, the way all these losers just stand around watching this shit.  You’re never going to get a better excuse to tackle and viciously beat Uptight Bob from Marketing.  The dude who got hit at first is kind of trying to usher people out to safety, but most of them seem too stupid to do anything but mill around and scream.  But even if you don’t want to tangle with Crazy Bob, get your asses out of there, you dumb fucks!  Don’t stand around with your cell phone camera waiting for him to come trash your corner of the office and throw a monitor at your head.  If you want to let Security deal with this guy, that’s fine, but don’t leave yourself as a target in the mean time.  Dumbasses.

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