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Oooooohh, SUCK IT, creationists!

Scientists are about to create life from non-living matter. How can anybody still believe in creationism?

“We’ve made more progress on how the membrane of a protocell could grow and divide,” Szostak said in a phone interview. “What we can do now is copy a limited set of simple [genetic] sequences, but we need to be able to copy arbitrary sequences so that sequences could evolve that do something useful.”

By doing “something useful” for the cell, these genes would launch the new form of life down the Darwinian evolutionary path similar to the one that our oldest living ancestors must have traveled. Though where selective pressure will lead the new form of life is impossible to know.

Forgive me (or don’t – fuck you) for sounding like a sore winner here, and I’m obviously being a bit premature, but the fact is the abiogenesis of life has been a feather in the cap of the ignorant for too long. It’s nice to see that the rationalists may soon be plucking that one for themselves.

  1. B
    2008/11/20 at 8:20 pm

    A sore winner? Didn’t you see? Nothing happened, it don’t go well. Sore winner? My friend, the winner will be the one that lives for eternity in bliss as the other…..well you know where you go.

  2. Gerry Generic
    2008/11/23 at 5:55 pm

    I’m not too concerned with the output of a single experiment. There are too many fine human minds working on this (admitted minor) problem for it to go unsolved for much longer.

    At first, your comment made me laugh out loud. But upon further reflection, I’ve become a little sad over it. It’s depressing to see somebody so obviously devoted to outmoded Bronze Age thinking that they are willing to sacrifice the joys of their only true life (such as learning about all the marvels of nature) for the lie of an eternal afterlife. And not only mistaken, but proud of your delusion and/or ignorance. Yes, I do know where I will go. I will go to the crematorium or a suitable place of burial. That is all there is to the end, so I choose to live my life as best I can. I certainly do make mistakes, and will make more before I’m done, but what is sad is that you don’t realize you will be in the same predicament. Your meat will burn or rot the same as mine. Will your life be lived or will it be cast aside into the metaphorical pit of delusion?

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