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Another one bites the dust…

Yesterday, we were treated to the sight of yet another Republican admitting his personal disgrace on national television.  The latest in a long string of Republicans to be shown for the hypocrites they are, Mark Sanford also embodies the sort of Family Values shitgobbler that has nearly wreaked our country.

I won’t bother anybody with the list.  And to be sure, there are a few Democrats in there, too.  Spitzer being one of the most notorious.  However, the Dems don’t build their entire rational for election upon the fact that they are “good”, “god-fearing”, “family” men.  If a Democrat gets elected, it’s because s/he has some kind of qualification that appealed to voters, or else their opponent was too much of a villain to allow his or her election.  Which is strong condemnation to be sure.  The kind of assholes that Americans regularly elect make it obvious that the villany bar is set far over most heads.

Getting back to my fucking point (I swear I have one), however…

I am mearly pointing out that these Family Values schmucks have repeatedly not only shown to be complete hypocrites (hookers, drugs, and other toe-tapping good times), they have also shown that they don’t know how to do anything.  Sanford himself made his name by being among the first in a string of Asshole Republican governors to reject Federal stimulus money for the unemployed in their state.  Debate the merits of the stimulus some other way, don’t sacrifice the well-being of your citizens to your partisan desire to say, “NO!” to the big bad Obama.  Go around to all the talk shows and argue it out all you want.  Make stumps speeches.  Whatever.  But at the end of the day, if money exists to help the people of your state, YOU FUCKING TAKE THE MONEY, ASSHOLE! And not for nothing, but if you’re leaving the state, or LEAVING THE FUCKING COUNTRY, you tell somebody where you can be reached.  I don’t care where you’re going to get your weenie moistened, you have fucking responsibilities as the chief executive of your state.

If people would stop electing these bozos purely on childish criteria like “Family Values” or religion or the fact that you’d like to have a beer with him, then maybe our country could make some progress.  But invariably, these types seem to end up in bed with somebody who isn’t their wife.  Whether that’s a man, woman, or corporation, is really the only thing left for us to speculate upon when the story starts to come out.

At least he wasn’t cornholing Chevrolet.

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