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US militia members charged in plot

Al Jazeera English – Americas – US militia members charged in plot

Can anybody tell me why it is that us atheists are the most distrusted group in the U.S.? I have never heard of atheists getting caught up in this kind of activity. Yet, polls consistently show that we are the most distrusted and despised group in the U.S., below all the other usual whipping boys like Muslims, gays, and immigrants.

Also, I would like to know why incidents like this are not being trumpeted as terrorist plots. It’s only when an environmentalist or Muslim is involved (like that Fruit Of the Boom shithead) that an incident has anything to do with terrorism. But yet, the murderer of Dr. George Tiller was not brought up on terrorism charges. When somebody in Texas flew a plane—let me repeat that part—FLEW A PLANE—into a federal building, it was never discussed as a terrorist incident. Not to mention all the gun-toting right-wing scumbags threatening the president and members of Congress with loaded firearms. Or all these Christian militias we have running around the midwest.

Do me a favor.  Don’t ask me why I want to move back to the coast, okay?

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