The thing about open, in-your-face White Pride racialists like Jesse James and Bombshell McGee is that they are a useful cover for the far more dangerous – and respectable – institutional racism.

Basically, the rest of the White community can point to them – with a healthy dose of classism and snobbishness – and say “those are the racists, right over there – look!”

And while we’re looking at McGee’s “W P” White Pride tattoo (and that’s exactly what it is BTW – I asked a White friend of mine who did prison time with Aryan Brotherhood dudes and he confirmed it for me), we totally forget to talk about the far more powerful and dangerous racist forces at work in our society.

For instance, let’s look at the film that Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for – “the Blind Side” – a movie that was very racist, but in a liberal, paternalistic way (precisely the kind of racism that in the dominant White American narrative of racism is very much DO NOT consider racist).

Beyond that, to speak of a racism that’s even further removed from the dominant narrative of what “racism” is – I wonder how many Blacks or other People of Color work for Ms Bullock’s production company?

And of those PoC’s (if there are any – I genuinely do not know) how many of them are in management positions?

But you see, that’s not “racism” – only a poor White person with Aryan Brotherhood tattoos is a ‘racist” – movies that denigrate Black communities and employers who don’t hire Blacks aren’t “racist” at all in that narrative (even though they do far more damage to African Americans as a community than some random Nazi in a trailer park).

I also read that Jezebel discussion of what did Sandra Bullock know about Jesse James’ White Pride racialism – and I was struck by the attitude of rage and anger among many of the commenters in the thread about anybody even hinting that “America’s Sweetheart” could be a “racist”!

I believe that somebody even cited the fact that Bullock gave money to Haiti earthquake relief as “proof” that she’s “not racist”!

Of course, considering the fact that Bullock was – between dating and the marriage – closely involved with James for the better part of two years, spent lots of time around him, his family and friends and got to see his tattoos up close and personal on a regular basis.

Now, unlike McGee, nobody to my knowledge has inventoried James body art (which in and of itself is mute testimony of the matter-of-fact sexism of media coverage) but I wonder if HE has “W P” or similar White Pride racialist tattoos – “RaHoWa” [Racial Holy War] perhaps, or maybe “88″ [which stands for “Hail Hitler”] maybe?

I do recall one tabloid account about how she is only now complaining about his regular use of slurs about Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews and gays, so it’s pretty damned certain she knew who and what he was about from jump (and the fact that she’s only mentioning it now speaks VOLUMES).

This very intimate linking of respectable racism and stereotypical trailer park “racism” perhaps hits a little too close for comfort for some in the White community.

It’s also remarkable that Bullock is taking so little heat for her husband’s politics – imagine if it came out that a respectable Black woman entertainer (think Halle Berry or Janet Jackson) was in a relationship with a Five Percenter – or even a mainstream Nation of Islam member?

Does anybody think that she’d get the pass that Bullock is getting here?

Jesse James, Sandra Bullock, and Public Discussions of Racism | Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture (from the comments) (via clingtomymouth)

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