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Oh, Japanese children’s books.  You so crazy.




I really do need a more intellectually stimulating job. This morning at work I realized that Tom Waits’ Murder In the Red Barn could be sung to the tune of I Will Survive (by Who Cares). Is this really knowledge for which the world is thirsting?

Good luck being able to stop, by the way.

Out of stock, wouldn’t you know it.

ThinkGeek :: Dexter’s Kill Shirt

UPDATE: It’s back in stock, all you little monsters.

It seems that the terrorists have indeed won.  If we are behaving this way in our so-called “free country”, it really does take the meaning out of words like “freedom” and “liberty”.  We’ve become so terrified and weak-minded that even the vaguest perception of a threat drives us to utterly indefensible actions. 

United Removes Passenger From Flight After He Asks Whether A Meal Will Be Served – The Consumerist


done 7/12/10 in honor of my mother by Scott Harris at Penetration Tattoo in Prescott AZ

The sewing machine is drawn after the machine that I own that my mother learned to sew on and taught me to sew on and I will teach my daughter to sew on.  The rose is for the roses always growing in our garden growing up, Joseph’s Coat roses.

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