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America, I love you, but you piss me off sometimes.

In Europe for their tax dollars, they get universal health coverage. We here in America get a bunch of weapons and give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires who don’t need ‘em. Why? Because Fox News said we should. Let’s face the cold and clammy facts: we’re a country of idiots, run by a class of amoral scoundrels and criminals.

Why there isn’t rioting in the streets over the turn for the (much) worse the quality of life has taken in America is a mystery. How is it possible that it’s gotten this badwithout major social unrest? Beats me.

I think Bob Dylan may have said it best.  “There’s a hard rain’s gonna fall.”  When Americans finally decide to retake their own destiny, it will undoubtedly be ugly.  The longer the masses wait, the worse it is likely to get.

via Dangerous Minds | ‘American exceptionalism’: Americans ARE the exception, just not necessarily in a good way.


Lowest age of consent in Europe? Take a guess…

Seriously, Catholics, this is not making you look good.

This is just silly

Council Of Conservative Citizens Calls For Boycott Of Thor Over Black Actor | TPMMuckraker.

Come on guys.  It’s a shitty comic book movie.  It’s bound to suck ass.  It’s a fucking Marvel movie, after all.  To attack it for something so damn stupid is just pointless and petty.

Who cares if a black guy is playing a Norse deity.  You would think Christians would be totally behind stealing Norse mythology.  You know, since that’s what half their religion is.

Security theater no longer provides even the false hope of safety

Seriously.  A loaded gun?  And I have to take off my shoes and dump my soda bottle full of rum.  Comfy feet and liquid happiness might be the only things making the air travel experience bareable for the bulk of your passengers.

But seriously, a loaded gun?  I can’t add anything to that, it stands on its own.

A loaded gun.

I Put a Spell On You

Why do people think Barack Obama is a liberal?

Is it just the only slur they can pronounce correctly or do they have some particular reason for slandering liberals by associating this centrist with us?  Obama does not follow liberal principles and his government consistently ignores and derides the left.  He has called us sanctimonious and mocked us any time we have stood in the way of his repeated surrender to conservatives.  His chief of staff called us “fucking retarded”.  The only flack Rahm Emanuel got for that was for using the word “retarded”, and that was from Sarah Palin!  The administration did not come down on Emanuel for his remarks that could alienate the base of the Democratic party.  Of course not.  The only base the administration feels the need to pander to is the Republican base.  The administration is not afraid of losing liberal votes, so they feel safe in abusing us while going after the far right and so-called independents.

Yes, if liberals abandoned the Democratic Party in the next election, the Democrats would lose.  Plain and simple.  But why does this country need a reminder of what happens under a far-right government?  We already suffered through the Bush Regime and have still not shaken off the ill effects of that repeated assault on liberty.  But maybe the country is not the institution in need of the lesson.  Maybe it is our deeply flawed “two” party system that is in need of the shock.

Ultimately, we liberals have to realize that the Democrats are not interested in our interests.  What do we do about that?

Bernie Sanders Filibustering the Obama Tax Failure

Bernie Sanders Filibuster: Senator Stalls Tax Cut Deal (LIVE VIDEO).

I wish I could vote for that man.  Sincerely.