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Mr. Obama, go fuck yourself.

So the Fed shovels money to the banksters and other assorted millionaires.  The Democrats are rolling over on tax cuts for the wealthy.  Unemployment benefits are going to get scrapped.  Food stamps have already been cut.  Pell grants are in the crosshairs.  Talk of bumping up the retirement age while cutting Medicare.  Constant hype about how great the TARP program worked while the banks reap record profits and cut credit lines across the board.

President Obama, do you really think I’m stupid enough to vote for you again?

I realized something yesterday.  This isn’t really President Obama’s fault.  This is my fault.  I let myself get caught up in the hype about Obama during the election and let myself believe that he was going to be something more than what he said he was or appeared to be.  I suppose the Bush Regime was so dis-heartening that I behaved foolishly.  He brought Geithner and Summers on board before the election.  He called for escalation in Afghanistan (albeit somewhat in code) before I cast my vote.  He is a centrist and never really pretended to be a liberal (unless there were gay people in the room).  I projected my hopes onto him, perhaps unfairly.

But the fucker still said he would close Gitmo.

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