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The Give-Up Gang

After three weeks of fruitless haggling with the Israeli government, the Obama administration has given up its effort to persuade Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to renew an expired freeze on the construction of Jewish settlements for 90 days, two senior officials said on Tuesday.

Why should that be any different than anything else the Dems have handed over to the forces of Slightly-More-Evil-Than-Themselves?  Seriously, what haven’t they given up on?  Medicare for all?  Public option?  Guantanamo?  Warrantless wiretapping?  Cap-and-trade?  Bush tax cuts?  Gave them all up WITHOUT A FUCKING FIGHT! They’re still pretending that they’re going to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  But one of three things will happen:  they’ll either give it up in hopes of getting Republican support for something else (which will not materialize), they will make a little show of it and then let it get buried in procedure until the Republicans take over the House and it will never be heard of again, or they will just plain give up.

That’s what they do.  They’re the Give-Up Gang.

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