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Security theater no longer provides even the false hope of safety


Seriously.  A loaded gun?  And I have to take off my shoes and dump my soda bottle full of rum.  Comfy feet and liquid happiness might be the only things making the air travel experience bareable for the bulk of your passengers.

But seriously, a loaded gun?  I can’t add anything to that, it stands on its own.

A loaded gun.

  1. Gerry Generic
    2010/12/17 at 12:51 pm

    On Facebook, I was accused of mock disbelief for this post.

    Disbelief? Mock? Hardly. I saw this coming as soon as everybody decided to hand over their liberties to the oligarchy. I was merely trying to make the news go down as rough as I could. I wanted the reader to dwell on the fact that (statistically) they probably supported the policies that led to this kind of bullshit, while loudly griping about having to take off their shoes. Liberals saw it coming, but we were ignored in the run up to the Afghan war, the Iraq war, the PATRIOT act, Homeland Security, warrant less wiretaps and airport peepshow scanners. Hell, we saw it coming in the hand over of the presidency in 2000. You want to bitch about activist judges? But hey, why pay attention to your rights when there is a scary brown man on TV? By the way, the wars have already killed more Americans than Al Queda ever managed. Not to mention how they have destroyed our economy and standing in the world. The oligarchy’s interest is not in providing safety for the populace, it is in terrifying the populace into working harder for less and shutting their mouths. Our policies under Obama have not changed one bit. The only difference is that domestically they pretend to give a shit. We had eight years of bad cop, now it’s time to play “good cop”. But neither one is interested in helping you and don’t forget it. Stay tuned for additional blowback.

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