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There’s a class war going down

One thing that even the dim bulbs in the media should understand by now is that there is in fact a class war going on, and it is the rich and powerful who are waging it. Anyone who does anything that empowers the little people or that threatens the wealth and power of the plutocracy must be destroyed. There is a reason for these clowns going after Think Progress and unions, just like there is a reason they are targeting wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald, Planned Parenthood, and Acorn.

Kanye West had it wrong, George Bush didn’t care about POOR people.  And Obama in many ways is actually worse.  Obama gives lip service to the cause of justice, mouthing empty words of liberty and equality.  But equality cannot exist in a system with such incredible gaps between rich and poor.  If they ever quit doctoring the unemployment numbers, we might be looking at genuine unrest.  The best we can hope for is to go the way of Tunisia and Egypt.  I don’t know if Americans have enough restraint to make that work.


Shut up and enjoy your freedom

U.S. to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011.

Yes, you are free.  To shut the fuck up.  Or we’ll charge you with rape and call for your assassination.

So shut up and enjoy your freedom…

Glenn Beck gets it (wrong)

Glenn Beck uses audio from Citizen Radio to try to make some damn point.  He is so filled with conspiracy theories and nonsense that I can’t even follow what he’s trying to say most of the time.  He really does strike me as mentally ill.  It’s kind of sad to see somebody being paraded out on TV for the sake of ratings like this.  I sincerely hope it is all just an act on Beck’s part, because otherwise this guy is being exploited by Fox News.

I guess he wouldn’t be the first, though.

Anyway, if you would like to listen to the complete interview, devoid of Beck’s twisting and in full context, you can check it out here.

Your destiny is all fucked up

The funniest science is bullshit science

"Human Variation"

Noam Chomsky discusses the “Support Our Troops” Slogan