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Why do people think Barack Obama is a liberal?

Is it just the only slur they can pronounce correctly or do they have some particular reason for slandering liberals by associating this centrist with us?  Obama does not follow liberal principles and his government consistently ignores and derides the left.  He has called us sanctimonious and mocked us any time we have stood in the way of his repeated surrender to conservatives.  His chief of staff called us “fucking retarded”.  The only flack Rahm Emanuel got for that was for using the word “retarded”, and that was from Sarah Palin!  The administration did not come down on Emanuel for his remarks that could alienate the base of the Democratic party.  Of course not.  The only base the administration feels the need to pander to is the Republican base.  The administration is not afraid of losing liberal votes, so they feel safe in abusing us while going after the far right and so-called independents.

Yes, if liberals abandoned the Democratic Party in the next election, the Democrats would lose.  Plain and simple.  But why does this country need a reminder of what happens under a far-right government?  We already suffered through the Bush Regime and have still not shaken off the ill effects of that repeated assault on liberty.  But maybe the country is not the institution in need of the lesson.  Maybe it is our deeply flawed “two” party system that is in need of the shock.

Ultimately, we liberals have to realize that the Democrats are not interested in our interests.  What do we do about that?


“There’s a war going down…”

I keep thinking of Operation Ivy’s song, Unity.  It might be nice to have some of that.

Noam Chomsky discusses the “Support Our Troops” Slogan

Bush admitted waterboarding. Can we charge him with war crimes, NOW, Mr. Obama?

Please?  I’d like to start believing in the rule of law again.

Amnesty International’s Senior Director Claudio Cordone said in a statement: “Under international law, anyone involved in torture must be brought to justice, and that does not exclude former President George W. Bush.

“If his admission is substantiated, the U.S.A. has the obligation to prosecute him,” he said. “In the absence of a U.S. investigation, other states must step in and carry out such an investigation themselves.”

via Amnesty: prosecute Bush for admitted waterboarding.

Wow.  This may be one of the scummiest things I have ever seen.  I am ashamed for our nation to have been led by this piece of crap.  Okay, I already felt that way, but this is just…  scummy.

Oh, too funny.

If I’m not mistaken, anything to do with shoes is considered one of the worst possible insults in Iraqi culture.  That’s why they beat those Sadaam Hussei statues with shoes when the U.S. forces tore them down.

You’d think this might be important…

CBS News is reporting that John McCain has served on the advisory board of and organization known as the U.S. Council for World Freedom.  During the 1980’s, this group was linked to former Nazi collaborators, as well as Central American death squads.

The council created by retired Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub was the U.S. chapter of the World Anti-Communist League, an international organization linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America. After setting up the U.S. council, Singlaub served as the international league’s chairman.

McCain’s tie to Singlaub’s council is undergoing renewed scrutiny after his campaign criticized Obama for his link to Ayers, a former radical who engaged in violent acts 40 years ago. Over the weekend, Democratic operative Paul Begala said on ABC’s “This Week” that this “guilt by association” tactic could backfire on the McCain campaign by renewing discussion of McCain’s service on the board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, “an ultraconservative right-wing group.”

I do find it a little odd that this comes up just as Palin and McCain have renewed their attacks on Obama’s supposed connection to a leftist 60’s radical. But it does seem like McCain’s campaign may be bringing this on themselves. Barack Obama seemed perfectly content to stick to the issues. On the other hand, it’s very refreshing to see the left hitting back against the right-wing smear tactics for a change.

At least John McCain and Sarah Palin don’t have a couple of crazy preachers in their closets.