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I have devoted way too much of my morning to this

Why hymns need a single bass drum (and nothing else) is beyond me, but I am a godless heathen.  What’s really freaking me out are the kids in the illustration.  Seriously, take a good look at them.  The more you look at them, the less sense this thing makes.  Why does the girl look drugged?  Why is she staring at the drummer’s junk?  How is she able to stand so close to what can only assume is a badly-played snare drum?  How is the drummer able to make such wild swings of his arms and drumsticks without killing or maiming the girl?  And what is up with that little boy?  First off, he not only looks drugged, but I think he’s drooling.  Again, the same issues with proximity to a bass drum and flailing drumsticks.  But why are they depicting a little boy clutching a doll?  This is not a modern album cover.  I don’t give a shit about boys playing with dolls, but I know that attitude is pretty rare even nowadays, much less whenever this tribute to confusion was first assembled.

I have devoted way too much of my morning to this, especially since it is almost my bedtime.  Ah, graveyard shift…