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Think About This

Good luck thinking about anything else for a while.  I was half expecting the little girl at the end to get mutilated by her swing set.


Funniest Band Name Contest

I love this kind of stuff.  “Wizards Of Banality” is my personal favorite, but most of them are good.

via Dangerous Minds  We have a winner in the Denon Funniest Band Name Contest!

Why? Because, uh… I dunno. It’s a laugh, innit?


I got an email from WordPress with the breakdown of stats for my blog this year.  The gist of the email was that I should write more stuff about anal fisting.  It seems that is the most popular way to find my blog.  So I’m aces with the jaded sexual deviant crowd.

Stay strong, perverts!

Come for the anal fisting, stay for the far-left politics!

This is just silly

Council Of Conservative Citizens Calls For Boycott Of Thor Over Black Actor | TPMMuckraker.

Come on guys.  It’s a shitty comic book movie.  It’s bound to suck ass.  It’s a fucking Marvel movie, after all.  To attack it for something so damn stupid is just pointless and petty.

Who cares if a black guy is playing a Norse deity.  You would think Christians would be totally behind stealing Norse mythology.  You know, since that’s what half their religion is.

Your destiny is all fucked up

Dolphins AND Teleportation?!?! How about FUCK-YEAH!!!

Seriously, you guys are laughing at us, right?