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I Put a Spell On You


Happy birthday, Tom Waits!

Damn, I love this song.  Broke a harmonica trying to play along.  Good times.


EDIT:  This happened when I went to share this post on Facebook.  A nice reminder.

Just because I really like Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil was my favorite band of all time.  I still am unable to learn any of their songs on the ukulele because they’re so damn intricate.  Anyway, this is my favorite Oils video.  It’s a little disturbing, but it actually has a kind of sweet ending.  Would that globalization and corpratization end in a parallel fashion.

Just [because I think it’s cool…]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Shameless, just shameless.

If anybody is interested in checking out my album, Traffic Holiday A-Go-Go, I have posted a torrent of it at the Pirate Bay.   Yes, that’s right, I’m using The Pirate Bay, dread enemies of artists everywhere.  The simple fact is, the major labels have made it so fucking hard for people to get music the way they actually want it (i.e. on their computron), that piracy has become the accepted norm.  If BitTorrent will give more people access to my music, great!  Stuff the labels!  This is 2007, who’s needs those leaches?  Not that they would lower themselves to ever release an album this fucking weird.  (And yes, the spam subject headers that I sing are completely real, albeit out-dated.  They’re even in order.)  If you have a suggestion of another BitTorrent site/tracker where I should post this, just leave a comment.  Traffic Holiday A-Go-Go is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.  If you do enjoy it, please consider purchasing it on CD Baby, iTunes, eMusic, or search for it at your online retailer.  I’m also on the Myspace thing.  I have another unreleased work-in-progress, Bought Myself a Nice Day, posted there.  Friend me!  I’m starved for attention!


No, no no!

Oh, my. No. Just no.

Why’d she have to remove one shoe to take a dump? Why does it look like she’s trying to figure out what that smell is? What happened to her nose? Who taks a shit with a feather boa? Why’d she think we wanted to see this? What kind of record executive would approve a cover like this? What did the rejected covers look like? Who told her she was hot enough to use a toilet shot for anything, much less an album cover? And who the fuck keeps flowers by the toilet?

I checked Allmusic and found a short entry for this album.   When viewed beside the cover, all the song titles take on a humorous slant (like Getting To Know Me – yikes!), but none more so than Muffle That Fart or Love Stinks.  Apparently, Millie Jackson had a long career, but it looks like this album was the beginning of the end.  Hard to imagine why.

I’d love to know the sales stats for these albums.