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What a piece of crap

Sarah Palin is just a narcissistic piece of shit. She was elected to do a job and now that it isn’t fun or it’s getting in the way of her getting more fame/power, she’s perfectly willing to ditch the people of Alaska like the popular girl who just found out that the captain of the football team likes her. Time to ditch that old flame.  LEt’s just hope this is the political suicide it looks like.

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Oh, too funny.

If I’m not mistaken, anything to do with shoes is considered one of the worst possible insults in Iraqi culture.  That’s why they beat those Sadaam Hussei statues with shoes when the U.S. forces tore them down.

Want lower taxes? Vote Obama!

That’s right.  If you make less than $112,000 per year, you will get to keep more of your money with Senator Obama’s tax plan than that of Senator McCain.  So don’t listen to the bullshit about how Democrats want to take all your money and give it to Gay Crackhead Welfare Moms For Al Queda.

I’ll let Rep. Kucinich sum up the last seven years for me.

As I predicted when I first saw the story on Digg, major media coverage has been sorely lacking.  Possible impeachment of a sitting president?  Not newsworthy.  Let’s see if there’s any new Hollywood crotch-shots…

How did this get on Fox News?

Of course, I don’t agree with the part about these rights being “God-given”, but he makes an astonishing amount of sense for a Fox News commentator.  Did somebody get fired for letting him on the air?  Or did Rupert Murdoch just want to flush the guy out for some nefarious later vengeance?